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Hockey MS 2011

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Who doesn't know hockey? Group of guys, who are rinking on ice and going after puck?

No, there's more, that feeling, when mass of fans trust in their teams.

Hockey is very hard sport for men and despite the fact it is also played by women, female hockey probably never achieves level of male hockey.

Ice Edges with high speed on ice is hurtling for a puck, until finally one player, with that puck scores a goal! Fans are starting to waving with theirs flags and with load roar they express their emotions.

History of hockey:

Game like hockey was played by Greeks in antiquity. Despite the fact they don't play it on ice, but it was something like ground hockey, it was the oldest ancestor of hockey.

Later, the game was borrowed by Romans and they spread it into Europe. Despite the fact it was game created for entertainment, the game expanded thanks to soldiers.

Canadian soldiers spread hockey to all Canadian provinces. But people living in that provinces started to love that sport.

They loved it so much, that despite the frozen surfaces absence they played it as well.

They needed only icy street.

But not all of them shared their hockey obsession. A lot of people hated group of rascals on ice skates tearing between other people.

Even newspapers hated it! But there is no reason of wondering, it is dangerous sport and players played without hockey equipment (even goalkeeper!).

At that time the word "hat-trick" come into being. Hat-trick is situation, when player scores three goals in one match. In current hockey it is common situation, but at that timeit wasn't.

When player scored his third goal, one of fan grabbed his hat and let it circulate around other fans and those fans dropped some money into that hat for the player, who scored three goals. That's why is it called HAT-trick.

But hockey still was different from ours, but then came Francis Nelson with his idea. He was that guy who picked net into goal. Then it was easy to decide if player scores a goal or not.

Hockey was played by seven players (six players and one goalkeeper), but then in 1904 due to lack of players and they adjusted rules for it pro tempore.

The game started to be faster, brisker and clearer and since that time is hockey played always with six players (five strikers and one goalkeeper).

Information's about hockey:

Players of ice hockey wear hockey equipments and hold hockey-sticks, goalkeeper wears better hockey-equipment, because he is focused by more strikes and it can be really dangerous.

Hockey is splitted into three parts, so-called periods. Each period takes twenty minutes.

Hockey players must have hockey-sticks nad wear hockey equipment and ice skates.

Hockey players uses small black rubber disc to scoring goals. It is 2,54 centimeters in height and 7,62 centimeters in gauge and has 170 grams weigh.

Finally team, which score the most goals, win.

Players can use whole body, but they cannot use it to pass out of defense zone and of course to score a goal.

Part of ice hockey are of course judges. They makes a lot of difficult and important decisions.

For example validity of goals or fouls and obstructions. There are two referees and two linesman.

Beside football is hockey different in sanctions. Players doesn't get red or yellow card, they are excluded of the game for at least two minutes and the team has to play without one player.

And it is very hard to play against five-players-team with four-players-team.

There are different kinds of players:

One player is goalkeeper and he is trying to save goals. He cannot allow opponents to score a goal.

He wears better equipment.

There are three strikers "right wing", "center" and finally "left ring". Usually strikers are moving around one line.

Then it's only two defenders left, they had to stop opponent and cannot allow him to score a goal.

Players can replace themselves as many as they want.

Playground is usually enclosed by rinks, it accelerate game, because players can play without interruptions.

In hockey we often hear "icing the puck". That means one player strike puck out of his side and puck without touching another player passes goal line.

If it doesn't, referee can also interrupt game, if he thinks it may hurt anyone.

That rule was made for more action and development of player's tactic.

Some interesting information about ice hockey:

  • In the age, when hockey players doesn't use puck, they supposedly used frozen cattle's dung.
  • The highest measured speed was 191,5 kilometers per hour.
  • The world's fastest goal in ice hockey was scored in first five seconds of match. But there were a lot of goals like that. One of them was scored by Peter Cajanek during match Czech Republic-Sweden (Karjala Cup).
  • Peter Cajanek also scored a goal in another match of Czech Republic-Sweden, when his team contained only three players and goalkeeper.
  • Hockey goalie pads are made of the same material as a police bulletproof vests.
  • Fans of hockey are often inventing jokes about hockey players

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